Bulldog Studs


Our 8th Home Bred Champion

Sire:  CH Bbads Captain Morgan

Dam:  Love Bites at Bbadbullynault

(Needs 2 points for Championship)


'Lager' finished his Canadian Championship at 8 months old, in only 3 weekends of shows. He is a sweet boy, with a gentle temperament. With a more laid-back personality, he prefers to cuddle rather than non-stop playfulness, however he enjoys a 2 km hike most days when the weather permits. He has a lovely fluid movement and excellent breathing.

Lager weighs in at 51 lbs at 16 months and is still developing. I'm so excited to see this boy at full maturity!

Lager is our 4th generation.


Cardiac - Normal

Patellas - Normal

Trachea - Coming soon (24 Months)

Hips - Coming soon (24 Months)

Elbows - Coming soon (24 Months)

Huu - Clear

Cystinuria - Clear




Our 2nd Home bred Champion


Cardiac, Patellas & Traches - Normal

HUU - Clear & Cystinuria- Carrier


Our stud dog, CH Bbad Captain Morgan is our pride and joy here at BBAD BULLDOGS.  His sire is our Bbad Bulldogs Jasper, who comes from an impressive pedigree of 45 Champions bulldogs in 5 generations, including many Hall Of Fame inductees.

His dam is our Shasta Lynn, her pedigree includes champions from some of the oldest bulldog kennels in Europe. She has multiple International Champions in her lineage.

Morgan is very intelligent and willing to please, he learns tricks easily. His temperament is typical of the bulldog, calm and gentle, though he can be shy.  His athleticism keeps him at a healthy 54 lbs. He has a correct top-line,  nice conformation but it is his head that makes him stand out, he displays a lay-back that's correctness is rare in bulldogs today, with a wonderful length of skull and lovely nose tilt.



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