Bbad Bulldogs Jasper - Dec 2006-Sept 2010 



Sire:  CH Glendars Patriot

Dam:  Ourgangs Sweet Addiction Paris


Following a devastating accident on  September 20, 2010, Bbad Bulldogs Jasper is no longer with us. At 3.5 years old, in the prime of his life, we were totally unprepared for this shock.  

I've taken a few days before attempting to write a few words here to our friends and clients as this has been one of the hardest loses in my life.  I've had family members that left less of a void in my life when they were no longer here.  Jasper was my constant companion, he was there to make me smile on my gloomiest days, to act the clown and share in my joy, he was loyal beyond reason.  

Jas embodied everything in the English bulldog that I love most. He loved everyone and was loved by all who knew him.  I was blessed with his unconditional love and he made turning that affection easy.  Jasper would lay at the backdoor for hours waiting for me to come home from running errands even when someone else was home with him.  When the kids would walk the dogs he would circle back and come home if he saw that I wasn't going with them.  I've tripped over him countless times walking out of the bathroom after a shower, laying in the doorway patiently waiting.  

I know in my heart that when the time comes, Jasper will be in yet another doorway waiting for me.  We shared a special bond that I know will be difficult to find again with another.  I miss him as much today as the day he left...

  I'll love you always, my JayJay...



Bbads Shasta Lynn  -  Mar 2007 - Dec 2016

 Sire:  CH Hugs n Kisses Joshua

Dam:  Zolotko Sew

Bbad Eternal Hope - Retired

Sire:  CH. Cherokee Bullpaws Jasper

Dam:  Flitvud Saskia     (Champion Sired)

Bbad Brotherhood Queen Mckenzy - Retired


Sire:  Bbad Bulldogs Jasper  (Champion sired)

Dam:  Flitvud Saskia   (Champion sired)

Bbad Easy Like a Summer Breeze - Retired

 Sire : Bbad Exclusive Edition

Dam:  Bbad Brotherhoods Queen McKenzy

Bbad My Endless Love  -  Retired


Sire : MBISS  GCH Cash's Bringin Sexy Back

Dam:  Bbad Eternal Hope   (Champion sired)

Champion Bbad Lil Miz Nothn But Trouble - Retired

Sire :  Bbad's Exclusive Edition (pointed)

Dam : Bbad Eternal Hope ( Champion Sired)

GCH. Bullstoic's New Aura Cant Bbad CGN, HIC

Sire : CH Bbad Captain Morgan

Dam : Bbad My Endless Love ( Grand Champion Sired)


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