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Where champion Bulldog puppies are lovingly raised

BBAD's Bulldog puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

House training is started, well socialised, raised with kids, cats and quiet visits to safe environments.

Pricing on Bulldog puppies for sale: 


Janet Coates


You can also inquire about our litter services, offered to fellow ethical breeders who find themselves in need of assistance to raise their precious Bulldog puppies.



BBAD is Very Excited to Announce !!

Ch Bbads Fairy Tale x Ch Bbads Captain Morgan

Puppies Born May 6, 2019 

1 Boy & 1 Girl will be Available

Contact us to Reserve @ 819-212-5758

DAM: CH Bbads Fairy Tale  "Thumbelina"   

SIRE: CH Bbads Captain "Morgan"

 The Boys 

 The Girls 


Do Not reserve a Bulldog puppy with us until you are sure that you are comforatble with our practices and ready to commit to a puppy.

No official reservation is made without a deposit, no deposit is accepted without our contract being read, understood and accepted.

Please understand that while we put every effort possible into optimizing our chances of successfully Bulldog breeding, by doing blood testing on our girls to breed on the right days, by having our studs' semen evaluated regularly, still it does occur occasionally that a breeding doesn't produce puppies.

We have no control over what time of year our girls come into heat, the number of puppies born, the gender of those puppies, or the color.  

Click here for our puppy application.

All proofs of deposit are carefully saved to ensure that families are invited to pick their puppy in order that deposits were made..

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We are Ethical Registered Bulldog Breeders!! 

We Do NOT support the breeding of "rare" colored Bulldogs !!

We Do NOT support the breeding of so called " miniature " Bulldogs !!

These are sub-standard variations of the Bulldog and frequently come with serious health issues. They are crossed with other breeds to create a "look" with no regard to health or temperament.

Asking me if I produce these "rares" and "miniatures"  is insulting to me and to the breed that I love, the true Bulldog.

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Older puppies -Young adults / Chiots 6 mois+Jeunes Adultes

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This section of our page is dedicated to "slightly used" Bulldogs that we are assisting families in rehoming.  They all will be spayed/neutered and current on all veterinary care.  They have all lived in a family situation and had basic training. Life is unpredictable and despite our best efforts in finding "forever" homes, occasionally circumstances arise which do not permit families to keep their Bulldog.

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