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Another Best Bred By Exhibitor ...

Posted by Janet Coates on November 27, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Our  lil "Breezy puppy"  Bbad Easy Like a Summer Breeze was awarded our second Best Bred By Exhibitor in 2014 at the age of 9 months.

2014 has been a kind year to us, I am grateful and feel blessed.

After alot of hard work...

Posted by Janet Coates on November 27, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

CH Bbad Captain Morgan…how long have I waited to finally see those precious letters? All championships are something to be proud of, each mean a significant investment of time, effort and sacrifices along the way. I’m sure many have stories behind them. Such is the case with our little miracle bulldog, Morgan..

Morgan was a special puppy I kept from the last litter produced from my very first male, Jasper. Those close to me know that I lost Jasper suddenly from complications following a car accident. Those very close to me know what a special bond I had with him. I remember the calls made that day and the tears shared with those who cared about Jasper. I believe most of us have had that one dog that has left an unforgettable mark on our lives. To me, Jasper was perfection, exceptional. He deserved to be a champion. He had an owner that was unsure and waited too long to gain the confidence to start showing him, we never had the chance to finish his title.

I made a promise to him that I would finish his son, a promise I was determined to keep. We started Morgan out in the ring, he was eager to please but didn’t have his sire’s proud attitude. At 8 months he and his littermate sister were award the Breed and Best Opposite. I was so proud of them. With young children at the time I could only show on a limited basis so I was content to plan on finishing him by 24 months.

Unfortunately the next spring, Morgan was ran over by a van. We gathered him up and rushed to the vet with the memory of his father’s outcome flashing through my mind. I was NOT lossing another one! He WOULD be ok no matter what ! The vet wasn’t quite as hopeful as I was. Though the xrays showed no breaks, Morgan could sustain no pressure on the right front leg, he could not move the leg or the paw. Each time he would try to stand, he would fall forward onto the floor. As the vet was explaining the chances and what to expect, I could feel myself becoming progressively more stubborn, blocking out his words and repeating in my mind ‘We will fix this, he will walk again.’ I had a promise to honor, after all.

Back home with him that night, we made him as comfortable as possible in his crate. I remember how he made himself sick from controlling his need to urinate. I needed to find a way that he could take care of his needs outside, since he would not make a mess in his crate. I finally remembered the back pack I used to put on his sire, it had a sturdy handle on it so I could carry his upper body while he walked with his rearend. It took some time but finally he decided that he would tolerate the arrangement. After 3 days of total rest other than trip outside to urinate and defecate, his appetite vanished. He stopped showing happiness to have us spend time down on the floor with him. My energetic, active-by-nature boy was getting depressed at being confined. That scared me enough to get me in gear, making calls to find out what I could do to help him.

The next 3 weeks were a hectic schedule of water therapy with a shower hose, medication, taking him « swimming » with a flotation vest, informing myself on how to perform massages on him, there was not much we weren’t ready to try to get the movement back in the leg and foot. Each day I would test different parts of the paw and leg to see if I got a reaction/reflex. We went back for a follow up check up and the vet didn’t seem very encouraged. The problem was obviously neurological, the paw just wasn’t getting the message from the brain to move. He seemed almost as if he was pulling at straws when he suggested getting Morgan a big meaty bone to see if the natural instinct to hold the bone in his paws would stimulate his reflexes. So on the way home we got a meaty bone at the butcher shop and also stopped to pick up a huge smoked bone as well. That night I held the bone while he chewed and tried to hold on to it with his left paw. I was happy just to see him interested in something. That night I left the smoked bone with him..not wanting to leave the raw one in his crate overnight.

The next morning when I did like each day and « tickled » between his toes and paw pads I thought I noticed a twitch in the shoulder but I wasn’t sure. He had learned how to struggle into a sitting position. We kept up our routine over the next week of walking outside with me carrying his front end, sitting out there in the sun while the other dogs played, coming back in for breakfast, then hydro-therapy in the shower, some time chewing his bone with me helping to hold it for him , then he would rest, later a swim in the lake, then massage before supper, and then leaving him the smoked bone at bedtime. I had seen several times in the week that his shoulder area would « twitch » but the lower leg and paw remained immobile.

Toward the end of the week I went to his crate one morning, sat on the floor and reached in to pet him, he sat up and surprised me by reaching his leg out toward me. The paw and lower leg hung limp and unresponsive, he basically let it drop into my hand but he could move the shoulder and down the the elbow. A small step, but one that meant so much to me…there was still hope !

I called the vet and let him know what had happened, he explained that nerve regeneration is a slow process, approximately 2 millimeters per day after the initial 5-7 days of trauma. So as Morgan’s nerves repaired themselves, the control and movement was returning. Those two months seemed unending but eventually Morgan was able to adapt to running on three legs and his elbow. I made a video of it, which I’ve been a bit hesitant to share. I hadn’t watched it almost a year and it definitely made my eyes water seeing it again.

It took over 3 months before Morgan had full use of his leg and paw again, also 6 months before his movement became fluid and even. I cried the first time he chased a ball gain, it was beautiful to watch him race his sister to that ball. The physical recovery ended and then the emotional recovery began. During his recovery I had concentrated on his physical well-being and protecting him, he had become very insecure. So once again I was seeking advice and help to learn how to help my bulldog, this time to regain his confidence and become, once again a well-balanced boy. If anyone had told me that it would take twice as long as the physical rehabilitation I would have told them they were crazy but it, in fact, did take much longer and every bit as much work.

So that's the reason I wanted to do this post, I have many people that helped us to attain this goal, with their support, their advice, their encouragement, their help, and their honesty « because they didnt always say things I wanted to hear » A dog can not feel confident when it’s owner is insecure and over-protective. I learned to be patient, to be calm, to trust my dog, to be confident in my decisions, believe in my dreams, and that no matter how important that Championship is to you, you have to make it fun for your dog and yourself.

Thank you Christie Cash, Lisa Cash, Jocelyne Bergeron, Mélissa Roy , Bullynault Nault , Elevage Bullstoïc Marie-Josée Gallant, Valérie Arial, Kristie Randle, Georges Blouin and the Club Canin de L’Estrie. I appreciate all of you for your time and effort!!

Our 2015 Champions (Edited)

Posted by Janet Coates on November 27, 2014 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I wanted to share the pictures of our 2015 Champions.

Here is our "Harmony"    Bbad Lil Miz Nothin But Trouble

Harmony was also awarded Best Bred By Exhibitor in the Group at Brome june 2014

What a proud moment for us :)

Soon to be a Proud Momma and Poppa

Posted by Janet Coates on July 31, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The Whole Family at the Milk Bar

Posted by Janet Coates on February 9, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Fighting for the Weak

Posted by Janet Coates on February 4, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a long few days of struggle with the tiniest male.  He was holding his own but today refused to drink for two feedings. I have him on antibiotics and Nutrical. I wish I was brave enough to intubate him but that scares me senseless. I'm terrified of milk going into his lungs. Finally this afternoon when Devon got home from school, the puppy became interested in nursing from his mother for Devon.

An Armful of Bulldog Love

Posted by Janet Coates on January 31, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Poor Rod ! This is how he ends up watching tv in the afternoons. They can't take turns, no no. All at once ! lol

Ups and Downs -A Rocky Road

Posted by Janet Coates on January 28, 2014 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The first days with a new litter are never easy, and with a large litter there are just more cause for worries. I had two males that were struggling, not suckling properly so I've taken over their feedings completely on the bottle. At first the nipple was too large for their mouths so I modified the sponge feeding technique to put a sponge in the tip of the baby bottle so the pups could suck on it easier. 

Today the two males seem stable and thriving, with nice round bellies after their feedings but their mother was not doing as well. her blood pressure dropped and she was weak, refusing to eat, trembling but no fever, and her gums were pale. A quick trip to the vet this morning to stabilize her and back home to make her a warm meal rich in iron, calcium and fructose, then a long nap wrapped in a warm blanket, snuggling Mom. By supper time she was feeling better and finished off her meal. She slept peacefully, snoring heavily while her pups suckled.

I'm dead tired tonight, the emotional rollercoaster when I'm already short on sleep has me exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day on all of us :)